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Dear Reader:

Welcome to Southwest Family Magazine. We are excited to bring you a vibrant, new publication to capture your heart and mind with ideas, information and art to use and peruse.

Art Students at Peach Springs Elementary in Peach Springs, Arizona. Photo by Cheryl Thomas.

Our goal is to offer inspiring and thought-provoking articles on trends in family issues, culture and art. For instance, in this issue we discuss the connection between relative remoteness and the preservation of unique, ancient cultures.

Sometimes, when we are focusing on an issue that is especially interesting and complex, we may present several articles, or the whole issue, on a single topic, with variations on the theme.

Southwest Family’s themes will sometimes will be sweeping and edgy. We believe our purpose is to question and to illuminate, to speak the unspoken, as well as to entertain.

In this issue, we present a series of articles on a community that is considered the most remote in the United States: Supai, Arizona, located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Discussing the essence of Supai brings up a series of complex questions to consider in the long term, including the very nature of the American Indian Reservation system. Those articles begin on the next page. They also include perspectives of the Hualapai who also live in northern Arizona, mostly on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

On our “Southwest Family Poetry” page we are proud to present poems by Gene Po Wong, Trey Peeler, Carolyn Schum, Susan Laufman, Nancy Connington and Peg Vance Millar. On the following pages, we are delighted to present creative non-fiction by Ernestine Hill, Merryl Piper, Frank Piper and Fritzy Dean.

We expect the magazine, with your input, to become a living document of our times– one which will grow and change with its readership, and occasionally put some new ideas into the world.

A canyon wall in Havasupai. Photo by Jennifer Boley

A canyon wall in Havasupai. Photo by Jennifer Boley

We hope you will come with us on our journey of bridge-building in our communities through the communication of original ideas presented with style and eloquence. We welcome your comments, ideas and contributions.

Victoria McNamara